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"Company Christmas Party - Company Christmas tells the real story of what happens at Santa's Christmas party. *Santa like any good boss is completely tanked off of a Keg of Nog. *Mrs. Clause concerned with the safety of her hard working olives is collecting sleigh keys. *Rudolph can party no more so he is passed out with his drinking buddy. *Of course there is always one or two people who get a little to drunk to early. Our lady olive is passed out in the corner while a not so sober olive draws a funny face on her and who can forget the crazy drunk running around with a kick me sign on his back. *There are always those olives who like to hook up at the company party. The 3 olives in the corner are toasting to seal the deal. *The martini glass is decorated to the hilt with Christmas light, and what Christmas party would be complete with out a Peppermint Candy Martini to keep the party going till the wee hours or however long these olives can last. *Santa's naughty list is definitely growing after this party. Are you on Santa Naughty or Nice list? "
- Michael Godard
Volegov, Vladimir

Artist Biography:

Born in Chabarovsk, Russia, Vladimir Volegov began painting at the age of three and his talent would be noted repeatedly throughout his adolescence. After having attended the art school "Krivoj Rog" and having served in the army, Vladimir Volegov was admitted to the Lvov Polygraphic Institute in the former Soviet Union. Beginning in 1984 Vladimir Volegov began participating in, and winning, International Competitions for poster art. Vladimir Volegov moved to Moscow in 1988 and before long, Vladimir Volegov's career in commercial art was in full swing. Notable Russian publishing houses sought his talents to design posted and CD and cassette covers for musical groups. While working with the publishing houses Vladimir Volegov continued to work on his paintings and participate in exhibitions. In 1990 Vladimir Volegov began traveling to Europe where he earned money by painting portraits on the streets of Barcelona, Berlin, Vienna and other European cities. It is with this experience he further honed his skills in depicting the human form. Over the past fourteen years, his art has evolved into the striking figurative work he creates today. Vladimir Volegov's vibrant color palette and bold strokes coalesce to create evocative images that possess a timeless sensibility.

Volegov, Vladimir Art For Sale:

Coastal Breeze
32 x 24
PUBLISHER SOLD OUT, HAND EMBELLISHED Serigraph on Stretched Canvas, 1 Available - $1,800.00
A Mid-Morning Chat
24 x 32
Hand-embellished Giclee on Stretched Canvas - $1,450.00
Afternoon Warmth
25.00 X 40.00 inches (image)
PUBLISHER SOLD OUT, HAND EMBELLISHED Serigraph on Stretched Canvas, 1 Avaliable - $1,200.00
Yellow Roses
30 x 40
Hand Embellished Serigraph on Canvas - Please Call
On The Lake - Deluxe
40 x 30
Hand Embellished Giclee on Stretched Canvas - Deluxe - $1,600.00
Afternoon Sunshine, 1 Available
40x 30
Hand-embellished Giclee on Stretched Canvas - $2,200.00
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