Afremov, Leonid 1955-2019

Artist Biography:

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"The artist Leonid Afremov was born in city of Vitebsk, Belarus in 1955-- the same town where Marc Chagall was born.
Leonid Afremov graduated from Vitebsk Art School in 1978. The school was founded by Marc Chagall in 1921. Along with Malevich and Kandinsky, Leonid Afremov is one of the elite members of the famous Vitebsk art school.

Leonid was building up his experience by painting a lot with oil and participating in various exhibitions. But nevertheless, his talent achieved its real heights only when he moved to Israel in 1990.
The scorching southern sun filled with colors and brightness made Leonid's paintings positive and joyous. The artist himself is a convinced optimist and this can be easily seen in his creative artworks. His paintings make viewers feel lighter and more positive.

Artist's personality reflects his unusual technique which was developed and perfected many over years of hard work. His artistic style is unique and easily recognized. Leonid uses palette-knife instead of regular brushes to put paint on canvas. Palette-knife itself is intended to be used for cleaning old paint from canvas. It is very rare that any artist ventures to use it as an instrument in painting together with a brush, and it is even more rare that any artist uses it as his or her only instrument. Working with palette-knife gives fantastic possibilities, but it is also fantastically difficult to master. It took 10 years for Leonid Afremov to build up his palette-knife handling skill up to the level that it is now, and the work is far from being completed. Look at the paintings of Leonid Afremov. Can you believe that all small details on them were literally carved out from paint with little steel blades, smallest of which is only one and a half of an inch long? His painting technique is accepted by specialists to be completely unique and not capable of being copied. He even does not really need to sign his artwork, it impossible to confuse it with other painters work or to forge. By the words of the Artist, he very enjoys traveling. Traveling fills out his soul with all the energy he needs to create fabulous art. Now Leonid Afremov lives on a beautiful side of Atlantic Ocean in Florida. That lovely place with all its beauty of nature makes him create, create, and create...."


Afremov, Leonid 1955-2019 Art For Sale:

8.5" X 10" (image)
Hand-Embellished Giclee on Canvas - Please Call
10 X 13 (image)
HAND EMBELLISHED Giclee on Canvas, 1 Available - $275.00
13.50 X 10.50 inches (image)
HAND EMBELLISHED Giclee on Canvas - One Available - $250.00
Love Sonata
12 x 12
HAND EMBELLISHED Giclee on Canvas, 1 Available - $275.00
Flaming Chariot
13 X 9

Multiple Print Types Available

Night Fishing
Heavily hand embellished, Giclee on Canvas. 1 Available - $345.00
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