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""How far you go in life depends on your being tender with the young, compassionate with the aged, sympathetic with the striving and tolerant with the weak…because in your life you will have been all of these." George Washington Carver "
- George Washington Carver
Asfour, Rita

Artist Biography:


Asfour's creattions have been enthusiastically lauded as "Timeless Classics" with a "constant appeal because of their traditional base". All titles are extremely collectible.

My Armenian father was an inventor. Thanks to him, my natural curiosity as a child was greatly encouraged.

During the troubled times of World-War-1, he was forced to escape his birthplace near the Russian-Turkish border. The only escape route open to him was down the southern coast of the Mediterranean Sea. His journey ended in Cairo, where I was born.

My sojourns were of a much more pleasant nature. I traveled to Italy, Germany, France, Tahiti, and Mexico, before traveling to many cities in the US and finally settling down in Malibu, where I have lived since 1982.

I started my professional career as a magazine and book cover illustrator. The next big assignment was as a portrait artist at Universal Studios. Encouraged by the many sales that followed, I opened my own art gallery in Beverly Hills in 1970. There, I sold my own paintings as well as those of other artists, and gave private art lessons to a few celebrities. When my only daughter Amber was born, I felt compelled to stay home to take care of her. I gradually went back to painting as Amber grew up and became more independent.

Education: From Kindergarten through high school, I went to the French school Le Lycee Francee. That was followed by six years of strict Italian tutoring at The Leonardo Da Vinci Italian Academy Of Arts, from which I graduated with a BA in Fine Arts. My Italian instructors taught me how to paint alla prima.

Immediately after immigrating to the US, I enlisted at The Chouinard Art Institute. Shortly after, I took private lessons from Sam Markitante, an 80-year old French artist who taught the techniques he learned in the Paris studio that he rented after the death of Renoir.

Asfour, Rita Art For Sale:

Amber Smelling Rose
25.00 x 17.50
Mixed Media on Canvas, Hand Signed and Numbered, 1 Available - $325.00
Amber Carrying Shanna - Mixed Media on Canvas
19 x 23 (image 20 x 16)
Mixed Media on Canvas - 1 Available - Hard To Find - $325.00
9 x 12
Original Work
Untitled Original on Wood Panel - $795.00
Boats at Sunset on Wood
12 x 9
Original Work
ORIGINAL PAINTING on Wood Panel - $795.00
Amber Carrying Shanna
20" x 16"
Mixed Media on Canvas, Hand and Numbered, 1 Available - $325.00
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