Feng, Ming

Artist Biography:

Ming Feng has exhibited internationally and received many awards for his paintings and art works.  Ming Feng's works are in the permanent collection of the Guangzhou Art Museum. Ming was honored by theBeijing People's Publishing House, which in 1982, published its annual calendar dedicated exclusively to twelve of his paintings.

That year Ming was admitted to the Guangzhou Municipal Teenage Art School. Upon graduation, Feng enrolled at the Guangzhou Art Academy. There, he studied artistic theories and philosophy of both Western and Chinese art. Before arriving in the United States, Ming achieved prominence as an acclaimed artist in his native China. In 1975, he became a set designer for the Modern Dance Troupe of Guangzhou. Ming Feng worked as a commercial artist for the Guangzhou Art Design Company for five years.

In 1988, Ming Feng immigrated to the United States with his parents and settled in New York. The diversity of art there broadened his horizon while the market offered Ming Feng more opportunities to show his paintings. He lived near New England's Cape Cod and Martha's Vineyard,which today still remain his favorite places and the sources of his inspiration.

Feng, Ming Art For Sale:

The Gondolier
30.5 X 36 (with border), 24 X 30 (image)
DELUXE EDITION, Serigraph on Fine Art Paper, Numbered and Hand Signed - $245.00
Lake Shore
31 X 36 (with border), 24 X 30 (image)
Serigraph on Fine Art Paper, Numbered and Hand Signed - $295.00
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