LeRoy Neiman

Artist Biography:


Best known for his brilliantly colored, stunningly energetic images of sporting events and leisure activities, LeRoy Neiman was probably the most popular living artist in the United States before his passing in June 2012.

Of all contemporary American artists, LeRoy Neiman's appeal to both critical and popular audiences is nearly matchless with respect to longevity, consistency and sustained success. For both substance and style, he is immediately recognizable: a visual chronicler of humanity at sport and play, delivered in a bold, colorful amalgamation of elements from Social Realism, Abstract Expressionism and Abstract Action Painting. His images have graced the walls of museums and galleries, clubs and private homes. Neiman is egalitarian in his thematic choices, for although he has gained a considerable reputation for representing society's creme de la creme - aristocrats, celebrities, major sports figures - he is as much interested in the activities of more ordinary folk - barkeepers and showgirls, stableboys and beachgoers. It is the vitality of the moment that captures his attention and which he, in turn, communicates to a worldwide audience

During his lifetime, he created only seven bronze sculptures.


LeRoy Neiman Art For Sale:

Vigilant - Bronze Sculpture
17" w X 16" h X 6" d
Bronze Sculpture - $3,750.00
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