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"Company Christmas Party - Company Christmas tells the real story of what happens at Santa's Christmas party. *Santa like any good boss is completely tanked off of a Keg of Nog. *Mrs. Clause concerned with the safety of her hard working olives is collecting sleigh keys. *Rudolph can party no more so he is passed out with his drinking buddy. *Of course there is always one or two people who get a little to drunk to early. Our lady olive is passed out in the corner while a not so sober olive draws a funny face on her and who can forget the crazy drunk running around with a kick me sign on his back. *There are always those olives who like to hook up at the company party. The 3 olives in the corner are toasting to seal the deal. *The martini glass is decorated to the hilt with Christmas light, and what Christmas party would be complete with out a Peppermint Candy Martini to keep the party going till the wee hours or however long these olives can last. *Santa's naughty list is definitely growing after this party. Are you on Santa Naughty or Nice list? "
- Michael Godard
Luongo, Aldo

Artist Biography:


Born to Italian parents, Aldo was raised in Argentina. While growing up he was exposed to several of the arts including painting and playing the piano. But his true love when young was playing soccer. Painting and soccer are like walking to me. So natural.

After graduating from the Academy of Fine Art in Buenos Aires, Aldo Luongo played professional soccer for the New York Cosmos. A few relocations, injuries, and a stint as a jewelry designer later, the artist completed the circle by returning to paintin

Flatteringly reviewed as a Post-Impressionist by the New York Times, Luongo confesses that at first he was annoyed at being categorized. However, since many of his favorite painters were Impressionists he also understood the sincerity of the compliment. Every artist adapts the best qualities of his favorite artists, but I’m always conscious of capturing bits of life, of reality, of situations, of people. It’s my space in time.

Black and White Prints: Leaving behind the gentle utopias of Impressionism, Aldo Luongo captures his subjects in a more direct way. I attack a canvas like I play soccer – with vigor. Soccer is my counterpoint to painting. While painting, I’m confined, lonely, enmeshed in emotions and self-doubt. Then comes the sweat and focus of a really good game and I feel whole again. Life is a matter of balance.

Aldo Luongo has earned both critical praise and celebrity collectors. Edward G. Robinson, Anthony Quinn, Kevin Costner, Dionne Warwick, Bill Cosby, Yul Brynner, Charlton Heston, and Rob Reiner, to name a few, have been touched by Aldo’s imagery. In addition,

 Aldo was named official artist for The Olympic Committee at the 1988 Summer Games, has a commissioned work which is displayed in The Kennedy Museum in Boston, two years in a row was selected to participate in The White House Easter Egg Hunt, where his painted "eggs" are now on display at the world-renowned Smithsonian Museum.

Museum Exhibitions

Smithsonian, Washington, D.C.
Museum of Science and Industry, Los Angeles, California
Juarez Museum, Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico
John F. Kennedy Museum, Boston, Massachusetts
Olympic Museum, Lausanne, Switzerland
American Sport Art Museum and Archives, Daphne, Alabama
Olympic Village Collection, Colorado Springs, Colorado

Luongo, Aldo Art For Sale:

Tango at Glass Palace
38 x 30
Serigraph on fine art paper - RARE - Please Call
Autumn Hawk At Il Pastaio
Image Size: 25 x 33 // 30 x 40
Giclee on Canvas - Please Call
Sun, Summer, and a Cappuccino, NEW
25 x 32 // 28 x 36
Giclee on Canvas - Please Call
La Recoletta
40 x 30
Serigraph On Deluxe Art Paper, Numbered and Hand Signed - $1,295.00
High Flyer
32 X 42.5 (with border), 28.5 X 35.5 (image)
Serigraph On Paper, Created by the artist to commerate the 1984 Summer Olympics - $595.00
Tango Mio, NEW
25 x 35 // 28 x 39
Giclee on Canvas - Please Call
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