Montesinos, Victoria

Artist Biography:

Born in Mexico City Exhibited since 1972 in the US, Europe, Mexico and Japan

“When I draw I disconnect myself from everything and it is a delight” states Victoria. “In my Childhood I was uninterested in conventional life and I felt there must be a higher Reason for things. I thought life was boring until I understood that it was up to me to give life more meaning.” At that period in her life, Victoria chose a difficult path She decided to paint with total integrity without submitting herself to the judgment of the market, to the expectations of others or committing to a style.

In late 1983,Victoria moved from Mexico to New York where she had contact with one of the largest Galleries in the untied States to develop lithographic works. While there, she studied and worked with a complicated technique to produce high quality lithographs.

During one of the workshops in New York, she met the noted surrealist painter Lenora Carrington with whom she shared many enriching experiences. Victoria’s knowledge and sensitivity enabled her to create and produce highly unique works that resulted in all her print editions selling immediately.

During that period, Victoria’s talent became widely known in the United States. In addition to selling a large number of lithographic editions, she sold approximately three hundred original paintings. However, in spite of her success Victoria decided to return to Mexico.  Over the next few years she worked ardently in her homeland and developed a new style outstanding for it’s unique oil paintings and serigraphs on textiles.

In the mid 1990’s Victoria began work with various art galleries in the Unites States. She returned to New York with the sole intention of painting flowers. Her idea acquired large dimensions through her magnificent brush and was executed with great skill and abundant creative passion. “ I decided to make flowers the focus of my attention,” says Victoria from her Manhattan studio. “

I really wanted to explore and go inside their world. Find all the textures, layers, and passages of just one flower. They are small universes and I feel captured by their beauty. Flowers are an incredible way for nature to show the infinity of existing colors.

Montesinos, Victoria Art For Sale:

Clear Dawn
24 x 24
Hand-embellished giclee on canvas - $295.00
A White Day
24 x 24
Giclee on Canvas, Hand Embellished, Sold Out Limited Edition - $495.00
Let's Dance
30 X 60
Embellished giclee on canvas - $595.00
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