Naveh, Adriana

Artist Biography:





Born in Argentina - 1963



Graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts at the De Cuyo University in Argentina

Graduated from Ort Career Institute in interior design.
Educated in the art of etching and drawing at the Avni Institute in Tel Aviv

Selected Exhibitions
1988 - Schluss Gallery in Neve Tsedek
1993 - Theater of Jerusalem
1995 - Artists House in Jerusalem
2002 - Artexpo New York, USA
Moriah Gallery, Bethesda, USA
2002 - Artexpo New York, USA
Moriah Gallery, Bethesda, USA

Estampa, Madrid, Spain
2003 - Artexpo New York, USA

Adriana, a talented painter succeeding in a sure hand, with a few spreads of the brush, to lead us to the enchanted garden, where each and every spot and drop of paint carry its paramount importance in her story. Her story is being told spontaneously, with sensitivity, with an ever searching of non-conventional materials. The use of these materials linked together with the confidence expressed by Adriana make it possible to strengthen the feminine softness.


With the use of an interesting medium, plaster spackle, and large open spaces the artist gives new meaning to the power of simplicity in composition. Women, engrossed in thought, caught in a simple soft pose, highlighted by a background of household objects. The intimate and private subjects are inspired from everyday life.

Her paintings emphasize the power of simple and elegant composition. Utilizing the unique mixed medium of plaster spackle along with acrylic paint, she creates a three-dimensional effect with her palette knife to explore the main composition and focusing on the details in the final stages of the process. Women are frequently explored subjects in her art. Engrossed in thought and caught in soft, unassuming poses, these women are highlighted against a backdrop of typical household objects. In Naveh’s work, single figures do not represent loneliness—rather, intimacy and strength.

Lighting is a very important element of Naveh’s paintings. She employs both light and shadow to create a striking visual effect, emphasizing the brilliance of daily life, and the importance of routine. Her enchanting palette introduces the observer to an intimate, magical moment frozen in time. She also takes a special interest in architecture, and merges her preferred structural styles into her paintings. Whether at home or walking in the streets, Naveh tries to envision how she would paint the scenes that unfold before her. Above all, Adriana Naveh inspires us to dream of the beauty found in daily life.

The transfer from storming Argentine, her birth place, to a country bubbling with tensions as The State of Israel is easily recognized in her works, relating an overdose of optimism. The spontaneity provides her artistic work with power and strength. With soft colors she transfers her feelings and succeeds in adding ambiance in the painting atmosphere.

Just like music, the tunes keep changing gradually, the character passes and leaves behind feelings and hints which together turn the painting into a story with a soul of its own. The figure of a woman is presented in soft and tender colors integrating in the environment.

Looking at Adriana’s work tends to create a repeated admiration from the outbursts of her spontaneity.

Her works are on display in various galleries and collections throughout the world: Argentina, Israel, the United States, Canada, Spain, France, Switzerland and Korea.

Naveh, Adriana Art For Sale:

Love To Ride - Original - Oil on Stretched Canvas - Gallery Wrapped
20 x 24
Original Work
Oil on Canvas, Gallery Wrapped - $2,400.00
Escape - Original - Acrylic on Aluminum Panel - Gorgeous
18 x 18
Original Work
Original on Aluminum Panel - $1,250.00
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