Rosenberg, Robert

Artist Biography:

Robert Rosenberg was born in Alma-Ata (Kazakhstan) in 1962. He studied art at first at the Art College and then in the Art Institute in Alma-Ata. He participated in various art exhibitions. Nowadays his works can be found in private collections in Australia, France, the USA, Israel and other countries. In 1994 Rosenberg emigrated from Russia to Israel and settled in Zefat. Since 1995 Robert Rosenberg is a member of the Israel Painters and Sculptors Association.
Robert Rosenberg is an Israeli artist, despite the fact that he was born and spent his formative years in Kazakhstan, part of the former Soviet Union. The intensive light of Israel, which daunts many artists, is recorded very naturally by his brush; mountains and valleys, villages surrounded by groves and orchards, wild fields and cultivated plots with deserted Arab dwellings – scenes so typical of the Galilean landscape. Olive trees, pine forests, and of course the Lake of Kineret – these are subjects that fills his canvases. The seasons of the year, the regeneration of spring, the melancholy gloom of autumn and winter, and the exhausting glare of summer – these radiate from Rosenberg’s paintings, like his handwriting or his fingerprint. The artist has the power to transmit to the viewer the sensation of dryness or of dampness in the soil, in the walls of houses or even in the air. Safed, with its mysterious winding alleys and ancient houses, its multitude of stairs and tiled roofs that give way to the open view and endless space – to the fields, the sky, the clouds and the horizon, appears often in Rosenberg’s oeuvres. His mastery of color, form and composition come across in every one of his works. His oil paintings in particular display his skillful and confident technique. Flowers are popular subject for Robert – he paints them as he would a portrait. He gives them body and soul, bestowing on the viewer a sensation of almost sensual pleasure. Robert Rosenberg paints not only in the Galilee. Jerusalem, the Judean desert, the Mediterranean, the Greek islands and of course Kazakhstan, are immortalized in his works.

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