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""If I can touch a life; through my painting I can show something previously unseen; If I can reveal something old in a new way, if I can enrich a soul on its journey into the eternal, then my painting, my living, has not been in vain." "
- Simon Bull
Steacy, Ken - Star Wars

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B.C. college starts comics, graphic novel program

Ken Steacy is one of Canada's leading comic artists. His career has spanned nearly thirty years. He graduated at the Ontario College of Art in the mid-1970s, and has since contributed to numerous comic books and magazines, such as Epic Illustrated, Marvel Fanfare, 'Jonny Quest' and 'Grendel'. Ken Steacy also worked diligently for a long time for the 'Star War' series, making comics, trading cards and children's books. He collaborated with comic writers such as Harlan Ellison on the graphic novels 'Night and the Enemy' (1987) and 'The Sacred and the Profane' (1987). Ken Steacy was the artist of the 1990 comic series 'Tempus Fugitive', published by DC comics. In the early 1990s, Ken Steacy worked on an interactive CD-ROM for children, called 'The Awesome Adventures of Victor, Vector and Yondo', and made a comic series starring the same characters. After that he made 'Brightwork', a book celebrating classic car ornamentation.

Ken Steacy has had a long and very productive career in comics and illustrating, creating innumerable books and covers for comics and books outside the comic field.

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