Suljakov, Vadik

Artist Biography:


Since arriving in the United States over a decade ago, master Russian artist Vadik Suljakov (pronounced Shul-ya-kov) has established himself as one of the most distinguished young impressionists in the country. Vadik Suljakov, born in the cultural center of Moscow in 1960, comes from an intellectual family with many generations of artists and writers.

Born in 1960 in Moscow, the cultural center of Russia. Suljakov known to his friends as "Dima," began painting at the age of seven. At the age of twelve he started his formal training at Moscow First Art School. Suljakov continued to study the fundamentals of painting and drawing and established the solid skills of a master artist. While in college, he was given the opportunity to visit Italy and France and took part in student exhibitions. It was then that the charm and beauty of these countries left an indelible mark on Dima. He was enchanted by the awe-inspiring cities and towns steeped in history and began painting the beautiful landscapes and city scenes that he admired on his travels.

After college, Suljakov spent three years in the Russian Army. During this time he honed his graphic arts skills, all the while continuing to paint for himself the European images that captured his imagination. Tired of being asked by the government to tie his art to politics and longing for the freedom to express himself on canvas, Dima traveled to America in 1990. Suljakov worked as a commercial artist in New York City for several months before the company he was working for shut down. Dima was left in an unfamiliar country without work and knowing very little English. Despite the challenges that faced him, he decided to stay in America.

In 1991 Dima moved to Southern California and settled in the picturesque town of Laguna Beach. Suljakov was able to make a living by selling his paintings and built a small following of collectors. Often commissioned to paint portraits for families in affluent Orange County, California, he also continued to refine and perfect his signature style of vibrantly colored, textured painting. Working from sketches, thousands of photographs and vivid, cherished memories, Dima continues to create magical scenes that convey a timeless sense of history and old world beauty. Now with his paintings so widely sought after, Dima is quick to say that he feels fortunate to have made his passion a successful career.

Recently recognized by the Chalmers Institute as one of the premier Russian impressionists living and working today, Suljakov has garnered numerous awards, including Laguna Beach of the Year 2001, Long Beach Art Gala Distinguished Artist Award 2003 as well as being the featured artist at the Piermont, New York Art Festival in 200

Suljakov, Vadik Art For Sale:

Via Dario
40 x 30
Hand-embellished Giclee on Hand-textured Canvas - $1,095.00
Galleria d'Arte
30 x 40
Hand-embellished Giclee on Hand-textured Canvas - $1,095.00
Passage Novice Tendre
24 x 32
Hand-embellished Giclee on Hand-textured Canvas - $850.00
Bar en Rouge
24 x 30
Hand-embellished Giclee on Hand-textured canvas - $850.00
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