Swanson, Mark

Artist Biography:


 Mark Swanson´s enchanting art glows with brilliant color, graceful shapes, and beaming optimism all set in a world of lush tropical splendor. His artistic vision was shaped in California during the days when "Good Vibrations" and "Sgt. Pepper" were wafting down the beach from a new 67´mustang convertible. Swanson spent his early professional years painting record covers, concert posters, and making animated TV commercials and short experimental animated films. In the mid eighties Swanson was hired to create the layouts and backgrounds for Steven Spielberg´s "An American Tale" and then for Spielberg and George Lucas´s "Land Before Time". Swanson pioneered the use of computers for use in hand drawn feature animation and became the Director of Computer Animation for several animated feature films. Swanson started his own studio working on feature animation and live action films with companies such as Hanna-Barbera, Turner Films, MGM, and Disney. During his many happy and successful years in animation, Swanson continued to develop the art he had started as a young man. Seven years ago he moved to Hawaii and has dedicated himself to the work he loves best, drawing and painting the joyful imagery of a hopeful happy world.

Swanson, Mark Art For Sale:

Tea For Three - Hand-embellished Giclee on Stretched Canvas
10 x 42
2015 New Release
Hand-Embellished Giclee on Canvas - $675.00
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