Vallejo, Boris - Star Wars

Artist Biography:

 Boris Vallejo


Boris was born in 1941 in Lima (Peru). Son of a prominent lawyer, he was very interested in art from an early age but studied the violin for 7 years, hoping become an interpreter. After that, he studied medicine for 2 years in the faculty. Encouraged by his friends, he entered art college. He immediately excelled and quickly collected prizes thanks to his personal style. At the age of 16 he was offered to study in Florence but he chose not to Europe because he was attracted to the United States.

He worked in a large Peruvian advertising agency but decided at the age of 23 to leave his native country for New York. Boris arrived there – not knowing a word of English - with only his suitcase, some illustrations, his violin and $80 in his pocket. He hoped to start his own advertising agency. Thanks to Fellow Peruvian expats he found a small inexpensive house and began making illustrations in a small agency for jars, pots and pans, refrigerators, bicycles, etc... He acquired a sense of detail and a mastery of the different styles. It is during this time that he met his wife Doris who would give him two children - a daughter, Maya, and a son Dorian. According to Boris his children contributed greatly to his artistic conception.


Vallejo, Boris - Star Wars Art For Sale:

Dagobah - Out of The Archives -One Available) 1994 - Star Wars ( FREE SHIPPING
26 x 36 (image 21 x 30)
Fine Art Lithograph Hand Signed by Boris Vallejo - numbered w/COA - Please Call
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