Zu Ming Ho

Artist Biography:

Zu Ming Ho is a gifted and widely recognized artist who has created luscious masterpieces by exploring the heart of Ancient China through a myriad of mystical images. Intricate lines and rich colors speak of his true craftsmanship and loving detail.

He was born in 1949 into a remarkable family that had already produced several artists. While still in elementary school he began studying both Chinese and Western-style figure sketching, watercolors, and landscapes. Throughout his work we see his uniquely westernized versions of very traditional Chinese themes.

Zu Ming Ho Art For Sale:

Quiet Time- ORIGINAL
40 x 30
Original Work
Original Oil on Stretched Canvas - One of a Kind - RARE - Please Call
Dance of Two Horses - The colors ore more defied than image shows - Lovely
20 x 20 (image)
Giclee on Canvas - $325.00
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