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"Company Christmas Party - Company Christmas tells the real story of what happens at Santa's Christmas party. *Santa like any good boss is completely tanked off of a Keg of Nog. *Mrs. Clause concerned with the safety of her hard working olives is collecting sleigh keys. *Rudolph can party no more so he is passed out with his drinking buddy. *Of course there is always one or two people who get a little to drunk to early. Our lady olive is passed out in the corner while a not so sober olive draws a funny face on her and who can forget the crazy drunk running around with a kick me sign on his back. *There are always those olives who like to hook up at the company party. The 3 olives in the corner are toasting to seal the deal. *The martini glass is decorated to the hilt with Christmas light, and what Christmas party would be complete with out a Peppermint Candy Martini to keep the party going till the wee hours or however long these olives can last. *Santa's naughty list is definitely growing after this party. Are you on Santa Naughty or Nice list? "
- Michael Godard
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Cymbidium Spray, Publisher's Proof, FREE Brian Davis Hardback Coffee Table Book with Purchase
Davis, Brian
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Giclee' on Canvas
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