Alexander and Wissotzky

Artist Biography:

Tanya Wissotzky and Alexander Galtchansky work in acrylic, pen, ink, and collage on specially treated canvas. In their still life paintings they incorporate references to the calligraphy of old English flower painting manuals, and stunning collage details that celebrate Paris in the Twenties. Their art is laced with nostalgia, romanticism, and vitality.

Wissotzky and Alexander were both born in 1959, in Crimea of the former Soviet Union. Their collaborations began in the Kiev Institute of Arts were Wissotzky worked as a painter and Alexander as a book illustrator. After getting married and immigrating to Israel, the couple united their creative forces and began a lifelong artistic partnership.

The work of Alexander and Wissotzky has received critical acclaim and enjoyed success in Israel, the United States, Sweden and Germany; it may be found in public and private collections all over the world.

Alexander and Wissotzky Art For Sale:

Red Grapes
12 x 10
Serigraph on Art Paper Signed and Numbered - $125.00
Enchanted Flowers II
Serigraph on heavy art deckled paper, numbered, signed & COA - $125.00
Chinese Vase
12 x 10
Serigraph on heavy art deckled paper, numbered, signed & COA - $165.00
Summer Fruit
12 x 10

Multiple Print Types Available

Blossoms and Fruit
11 x 9.5
Serigraph on heavy art paper, numbered, signed & COA - $125.00
Yellow Bouquet
12 x 10
Serigraph on deckeled heavy art paper, signed, numbered and COA - $115.00
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