DeMond, Lisa

Artist Biography:

Lisa DeMond

A self-taught artist and proud stay-at-home mother, Lisa DeMond fulfills her promise of becoming a professional Disney artist to her late father.

Introduced to the colorful art and imagery of Disney at an early age, Lisa was profoundly inspired by what she saw - enough to sharpen and develop her artistic skill with a burning desire to become a Disney Artist.

When Lisa was 8 years old, her father, a long time marketeer for a printing and advertising company in Salt Lake City, Utah developed an infection that attacked his heart and rendered him disabled and sick for nearly 10 years.  It was during this time, whether sitting in ER waiting rooms or right by her bed-ridden father’s side, Lisa would find refuge and comfort from the painful reality of her father’s persistently worsening condition by drawing and sketching Disney characters.

The death of her father took an emotional toll that led her to take a break from her artistic endeavors for almost ten years. In the meantime, Lisa welcomed new joys and beginnings in her life with a successful marriage and the addition of two beautiful daughters all the while never forgetting the promise she made to her father of becoming a Disney artist.

After the birth of her second daughter, Lisa soon felt the rekindling of her long lost desire to pursue her artistic dream and with a new found passion made the decision to try something new. Taking the next inevitable step beyond drawing and sketching by way of picking up a paint brush instead of a pencil, Lisa leaped head-first into the realm of oil painting, something she had wanted to do since she was a child.

Starting fresh in a new medium as an artist while being a mother of two young girls, Lisa’s first “art studio” was sensibly placed – where else but on an island counter in her home kitchen where everything she needed was within arm’s reach.  Under these less than ideal conditions, Lisa restarted her artistic journey of constant self-imposed challenges. Developing and honing her style and skill, Lisa almost immediately found she had a knack and propensity for painting in a photorealistic fashion; capturing moments - not just the imagery - all the while adhering to the prolific tradition of fine art artist legends before her. To Lisa, each work of art is richly composed and filled with a balance of character integrity and meticulous detail. Vibrant color and lighting also help to create the captivating illusion of depth in every one of her paintings.

Paying homage while living up to the mastery, energy and grandeur of some of the finest artists to grace the Disney brand, Lisa DeMond’s work puts on dazzling display not only the magic of each individual Disney character but also the world’s in which they inhabit. Whether real life people, scene-scapes, or animated characters, Lisa captures them in their most memorable moments, intended essences, emotions, interactivity and personalities.

“My goal is to capture the magic of Disney films we have all grown to love and cherish.”

Lisa DeMond’s classical painting technique and impeccable attention to detail not only brilliantly captures the magic and integrity of Disney but also promises to become a truly timeless and much sought after addition to the wonderful world of Disney Fine Art.

DeMond, Lisa Art For Sale:

They've Got a Dream
18 x 24
2014 New Release
Limited Edition Hand-Embellished Giclee on Hand-Textured Canvas - $395.00
The Delightful Apprentice
36 x 12
2014 New Release
Hand-Embellished Giclee on Hand-Textured Canvas - $395.00
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