Pergola, Linnea

Artist Biography:

Linnea Pergola was born in Los Angeles in 1953 and has lived there for most of her life. Pergola credits a high school teacher with encouraging her to experiment with new mediums and techniques. This instructor introduced her to the intricacies of pen and ink. Pergola utilizes this to compose the singular style of her images.

Pergola's subject matter is as diverse and eclectic as her background and travels. At California State University Northridge she studied art history, cultural geography, Chinese languages, and history. She has traveled to Russia, Scandinavia, East Germany (when it was East Germany), and Poland. She was with the Peace Corps in the Philippines.

Pergola's works reflect varying measures of fantasy, sometimes bold and sometimes subtle. She has a fascination with cityscapes. She embraces their distinctive atmosphere and lifestyle; she loves their architecture and lighting as well as their high energy.

Pergola, Linnea Art For Sale:

30" x 20" (no border)
Original Work
Running Wild
23.5" x 17" (image).
Giclee on Canvas, Numbered and Hand Signed - $395.00
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