Shortridge, Stephen

Artist Biography:

“I often wonder what beauty doesn’t exist…because we didn’t create it.”

"Romantic Impressionism is what I do.  I think the term best expresses how and why I paint.  To me it is bold and full of life and color.
Rather than attempt to tell you something completely, it makes an experience that is felt more than told..."
~ Stephen Shortridge

Stephen Shortridge was born in Iowa in 1951 and moved to Southern California in 1956.  As a child, his dad, who was a school administrator, took summer jobs at Disneyland.  Throughout those summers, his sister and mom would regularly meet him after work to have dinner and take a couple of “E” ticket rides.  Stephen’s favorite was the Autopia.

Stephen excelled in his art throughout his schooling, mainly studying commercial art.  He took his first painting class while attending Idaho State University on a Water Polo scholarship (he was an All-American).

““It was probably 1985 when I finally admitted to myself and everyone that I wanted and needed to pursue my art. I had been acting for several years, and although I had been successful, it was never where my heart was. I took my first painting class in college and really never stopped.  Painting provides me a constant challenge. It reminds me of golf, in that you can enjoy it or be frustrated by it, but never completely master it. It’s always exciting to see where a painting ends for each has a mind of its own.  I tell people, for the most part, I am self-taught…but in truth, I have been taught by everyone and everything.”

During the 70s and 80s, Shortridge built an enviable acting career; appearing in such well-known television series as “Welcome Back Kotter” and “The Love Boat.”  He co-starred with Debbie Reynolds on the ABC show Aloha Paradise and with Barbara Stanwyck in another piloted series.  He also spent the year of 1987 playing the role of David Reed as part of the original cast of The Bold and the Beautiful.   And worked regularly throughout his career as a model and appeared in more than fifty TV commercials.

He enjoyed acting, but found painting to be much more satisfying on a creative level and explains: “In acting, a large part of the creative process had already taken place by the time I was involved.  In contrast, painting gives me complete control from the start to the finish—which is good and bad.  Good, when the work is good.  And bad, when there’s no one to blame for the bad but me.

Stephen Shortridge was born in Iowa and raised in Southern California. Stephen excelled in art throughout his schooling but had mainly studied commercial art. He took his first painting class while attending Idaho State University on a Water Polo Scholarship - Stephen was an All-American.

Stephen enjoyed acting but finds painting to be much more creatively satisfying - the feeling to be able to have that total freedom to create is exciting to him. His style results from the influence of the French Impressionists, Monet in particular. However, his full colors and bold strokes have established him as a unique America Romantic Impressionist. Stephen's collectors include Patty Duke, Donna Summers & Rick Dees. While living in LA, he exhibited with fellow actor/artist, Peter Falk.

Stephen resumes includes over 50 commercials. Over a fifteen year period he has appeared in commercials such as Mennen, Speedstick, Coke, Certs and Head and Shoulders to name just a few. Stephen currently lives with his family in Idaho.

Shortridge, Stephen Art For Sale:

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Sunday Sonata - One Available
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Hand-embellished on Stretched Canvas - Please Call
Classic Comfort - One Available
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Hand-embellished on Stretched Canvas - Please Call
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Morning Mozart
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Hand-embellished on Stretched Canvas - Please Call
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