Takahashi, Senko

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Artist Senko Takahashi, born in Tokyo, Japan, grew up with a love for Disney films. Like many children around the world, he recalls his favorite Mickey toys and the memorable experiences of being taken to see many of the classic Disney films at movie theaters in Tokyo. As an imaginative youth, a love and talent for art emerged and at age 17, Takahashi’s first art exhibition debuted in Tokyo’s Seibu department store.

After studying at Tama Art University, regarded as one of the leading art universities in Japan, Takahashi moved to New York City where he worked on countless advertisements and commercial projects as a graphic designer. Within a few years his work gained recognition which led to an exhibition at the Benedetti Gallery in Soho, New York.

In 2002 his art was featured in an open gallery exhibition for world renowned fashion designer Hanae Mori. Takahashi continued to win dozens of art contests, awards and accolades within the industry and in 2006, his work was featured on numerous Disney products in Japan, including jigsaw puzzles, posters and books.

Now, as an official artist of the Disney Fine Art portfolio, Senko Takahashi looks forward to blending Disney’s iconic characters and stories with his unique artistic style.

“All my artwork has common themes: colors of wind, brightness of light and always expressing the heart and spirit of Japan.” he says of his work. He also aims to incorporate elements of the four seasons in his artistic creations, believing that doing so will infuse, “…a sense of the season and emotion particular to Japan. I believe by expressing this theme, you may imagine the story behind the work itself,” which he hopes will “touch the hearts of those who see it.”


Takahashi, Senko Art For Sale:

Become The Dragon
20 x 16
2012 New Release
Giclee on Canvas - $0.00
The Battle Against Evil, New
20 x 20
2012 New Release
Giclee on Canvas - Please Call
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