Tejada, Silvia

Artist Biography:

Silvia Tejada was born in Pucallpa, Peru, in 1958. Despite her early artistic inclination, Tejada was forced to select a "more productive" field because painting was economically and socially risky. A victim of the circumstances, Tejada had to study conservation and restoration, a field related to the arts, but not her choice. Fortunately, she is married to a painter and, after more than 20 years, she has evolved into one of the best floral painters in South America.

To the critics, Tejada has that magical touch that painters like Fatin-Latour and Redon had. Her paintings show a nice, soft brushstroke that commands strength. Her colors are soft and angelical, but with character. These attributes did not come easy, however. It has been a hard and long struggle that more than once made her almost abandon her dream. Fortunately, her husband, the well-known impressionist painter Jose Lopesalcedo, convinced her to persist, and it has paid off.

Her exhibitons include important Salons like Museo de Arte de Lima and the Alianza Francesa.

Tejada, Silvia Art For Sale:

8 X 16 (image)
Original Work
Original on Canvas, Hand Signed - $325.00
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